Anthracene phenanthrene nationwide campaign to promote Shaanxi fully started on the 11th, from the country's more than twenty anthracene elite Philippine shopping guide to all sorts of enthusiasm among the extreme enthusiasm into this battle.
     Although the land breeze qinchuan April rain, temperatures bleak, but our elites fear difficult to overcome venues, difficult flow of people, life, etc., will be carefully decorated in a major new store anthracene phenanthrene, with enthusiasm , expertise, patient service touched the hearts of customers, creating a large pro-opener, the first day of sales turnover rate that reached 90%。
     11, Fanying big gains promote the first single prize, Lanza won the largest single prize to promote big day!
     12, Feng Wu shops open their doors, Liping and Longzhi plum gains were large single door。 Fang Jin is by virtue of their professional and perseverance to convince the customer experience anthracene Philippine products, and away satisfied, gains two big orders!
     Afternoon, Feng Wu shop successes, creating 600 single customer price super good results!
     Lanza in the afternoon of the 12th to win the big one is 390 yuan, the popular hot spot, anthracene, phenanthrene and overbearing!
     Let us pay tribute to you and anthracene Philippine elite! Cheer for them!
     In mid-March, the battle for the layout of Shaanxi, Shaanxi campaign can hit the ground running to ensure that, to achieve its strategic objectives, anthracene, phenanthrene elite team has done a detailed plan。 The actual situation of each one store to do a careful layout, to ensure the best use, will play its personnel, materials, and resources to the limit。

                                      Prewar planning
                               (According to the actual situation of the store layout targeted to ensure that promotional effect)

                                   Material preparation
                                               (Targeted development of materials, guarantee the best heighten the atmosphere)


                        Helping available, only to be visitors
                      Take away satisfied, leaving the truth

     In early April, anthracene, phenanthrene central promotional Corps completed assembly ready in Shaanxi, the goal for this promotion, features, launched a focused and targeted training to ensure that you can elite "war will with me, with my win!"
     Promotional daily over, back to the station, our promotional Legion instantly summarize today's victories, experience, according to actual situation, layout planning the next day's battle, the battle to ensure that strike it pretty!
                             After the war summed exchange

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