It from the nest to the - anthracene phenanthrene exclusive, bird's nest mask mood

     What to do in a bad mood?
     Eat? Visit? Crazy?
     Apply in respect of a bad mood!
     Apply a good skin, apply a good mood!
     Anthracene phenanthrene exclusive launch nest mood mask to help you skin, face transplant, changing the mood!

     Since the use of anthracene phenanthrene nest mood mask, face white, tender skin, the skin is also flexible it!
     Every day one, good mood every day, my mother no longer have to worry about me will turn yellow face it!

     Nests beauty since ancient times been regarded as treasures, anthracene phenanthrene nest mood mask, patented technology (patent number nest extraction process: ZL 2007 1 0069423.9) extracted from natural nests of rare bird's nest essence, the active ingredient is rich in SOD and trace EGF (epidermal growth factor), fade fine lines, improve skin hydration, leaving skin silk waterskiing run。

     Nest Run waterslide cream silk mask
     Unique hydrolyzed silk protein PROTESIL, with a bird's nest extract gentle skin care, strengthen the epidermal lipid membranes in water to enhance the skin's natural affinity, restore luster elasticity; fresh moisturizing, astringent and helps smooth fine lines and facial expressions, showing the vitality of Hydra The tender muscle!

     The essence of beauty nest conditioning mask
     Contains skin beauty plant essence - seaweed extract, extract with a bird's nest gentle skin care, firming and enhance facial contours, giving the skin full of nourishing energy, vitality back to healthy beautiful skin elasticity; keep skin soft and elastic slip condition, light skin feeling vibrant.

     Nest Whitening Nourishing Mask
     Contains a whitening effect of arbutin ARBUTIN ingredients with gentle nest extract skin care, soak the underlying skin, replenish nutrients missing skin, whitening reproduce the full stretch muscles; delicate skin surface texture, moist skin whitening have luster.

     Radiance Peel Mask Bird's Nest Essence
     Rich in vitamin B3 and seaweed extract, with a bird's nest extract gentle skin care to soften the accumulation of dead skin cells, leaving your skin from the inside out transparent shiny; collapse of the skin yellow gas from the inside to the outside, moist and plump skin to reproduce quality.

      1, please wash clean before using the mask facial skin;
      2, keep your hands dry cleaning, remove the mask carefully unfold;
      3, spreads the surface, gently press with your fingers close to the face, relax and enjoy the spirit of 20 minutes;
      4, remove the mask, without washing, along the skin texture Gently massage until absorbed.

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