2013 Autumn/Winter partner conference of WIN COMPANY

       Sponsored by WIN COMPANY COSMETIC CO .LTD., Foshan city and cosmetics with observation about 2013 Autumn/Winter partner conference of WIN COMPANY  had a smooth start in xibaipo courtyard hotel. The event participation of scale, it serves to show the strong brand strength. In the meeting, WIN COMPANY COSMETIC CO .,LTD . , Foshan city, make gracious invitation to all parts of the country agents specialize in the unit and related industry to xibaipo to visit negotiate. The conference will be published listed fist hand embellish system product upgrading plan for the future make major changes, strength is unprecedented, which is thousands of companies to partner release agent strength one of the biggest profit this year.
On July 25, the Chairman of WIN COMPANY COSMETIC CO .,LTD . , Foshan city Pan Bingxiong  gave the welcoming remarks first, then chief editor of cosmetics with observation Franky Fan as the invited guests also delivered a speech on stage. The next by xibaipo museum director researcher Zhao Fushan xibaipo revolutionary history knowledge lecture.WIN COMPANY united the industry well-known marketing experts Bai Yunhu category management experts on the trend of the development of Chinese cosmetic store category and category management technology made a wonderful to share with people on the scene. Guangxi branch President of guangxi group Huang Weiwen super system from guangxi business sales talk about eugenics bone glue original K/A retail technology, let the participants have benefited A lot from, added impetus for future sales.
                                                                   Chairman of WIN Pan Bingxiong delivered the warm address

                                                                         Chief editor of Cosmetics observation made a speech

                                                       Museum director&researcher Zhao Fushan gave a history knowledge lecture

                                                              General Manager of WIN Ma Xiaoning delivered the warm address

                                                                     Category management expert Bai Yunhu made a speech

                                                                      branch President of guangxi group Huang Weiwen

        Ma Xiaoning ,the General Manager of WIN Company cosmetics, will personnel to review the company business review and the blockbuster released in 2013, pertinently put forward Autumn/winter 2013 marketing plan.From height and competitive advantage in the future from the brand shop concept store and increasingly strong comprehensive strength. Effectively show the thousands become favorable conditions of domestic cosmetic shop main pipeline. At the scene of the xibaipo courtyard hotel, WIN COMPANY to build the shop of future, spring, summer, autumn and winter in 2013 new product, and exhibited at the display props, brand image are adored by your agent. Product image on the same day, Afrees with autumn/winter 2013 grand atmosphere props design, to experience zero distance for the analysis of many agents to the owner to provide professional guidance services, let the guests present on the meeting all praise, we sincerely hope to cooperate with Afrees agents to seize opportunities and gain more benefits.
                                                        General Manager of WIN Ma Xiaoning communicate with the presence

                                                                             General Manager of WIN Ma Xiaoning shows products

        After the meeting WIN Company has arranged special dinner, enjoying nice dinner at the same time, also carefully prepared extremely local characteristics of song and dance performances, and draw link at the banquet, let their guests down the journey tired, drink a cup of kindness yet.
                                                                                                         Fantastic performance

                                                                                                Cheers for a joyous gathering

        It is worth mentioning that the next day, WIN make a organization to carry out the red tourism activities, visit the xibaipo memorial, let forum guests from all over the country in revolutionary predecessors, guests feel the xibaipo spirit great versions will have content and the organizers of the meeting arrangements of thoughtful and considerate service to wide acclaim, said sincerely appreciate at this point, autumn/winter 2013 WIN company partner conference successfully completed each agenda, xibaipo in shijiazhuang a successful ending .
                                                                                                                  XIBbaipo Memorial hall
                                                                                                                    Feel the great spirit

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