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                                    Honesty, the present business also
        Since its inception, million surplus by specific credit market concept, with many guys with a friendly cooperation.
        Since the beginning of 1998, for his group (Hongkong) Co. Ltd. Guangxi Softto care company OEM series, street light series production of papaya, charming kiss series of cream, lotion, Cleansing Cream, shower gel, shampoo, baked ointment, about one hundred varieties, the product quality is stable, and lay a solid foundation for the two sides to maintain good cooperation.
        Since the cooperation with Watsons group since 2003, by WANYING original start, Watsons tailored ossein series products, quickly became the main selling products series Watsons stores. At the same time, developed for Watsons products covered hand cream, body lotion, cream, night cream, eye cream, essence, facial mask, facial cleanser foam, Cleansing Cream, facial Exfoliating Gel, hand scrub and so on more than 100 varieties and specifications. In 2005, 2006, 2007 for three consecutive years won the Watsons national sales ossein series supreme gold award.

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